Saturday 23 November 2013

Deploy Qt apps to android phone on mac

    After some struggle, I figure out how to deploy android application by Qt5 on my mac mini.Before you start, make sure you remove other version of Qt from your mac, else it may deploy wrong version of Qt onto the android device.

Step 1 : download the tools you need

    About the android NDK, make sure you didn't download the legacy-toolchains(I don't know what is this for yet), download the bigger one.

Step 2 : setup the android configurations


  graph_00 show you how to setup the location after you unzip and install(this step is trivial, if you got any question, please leave me a comment).

Step 3 : pick a devices and give it a test

    My device is GT-S6310, I use api 10 and armeabi to deploy the example of calculator(QWidget) onto the device.


    Connect the device by usb, click the run button and you will see the app run alive and kicking on the device.Do remember to enable the debugging options of your device.In my case,
it is Settings->Developer options->USB debugging(enable this one), if you don't enabled it, your mac can't detect the device(you could check the device is connect or not by "adb devices").

    I tried other examples like maroon, emitters, same, qml video effects, not all of them are deployable, even they did, not all of the functions are work flawlessly. In my humble opinion, Qt5.2 beta1 still far from productive on android.Hope that the release version of Qt5.2 could give users a much more stable library.

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